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Local SEO means Local Search Engine Optimisation and this technique has proved to be very successful for websites offering local based service. It also helps websites appear or rank high on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. It is very important to any artificial grass business to seek a highly skilled Local SEO expert to help their website’s online presence when search phrases or keywords are typed in search engines.  This is the area where our team of SEO experts come in.

ArtificialGrassSEO UK is a niche-focused digital marketing specialist and lead generators for synthetic turf suppliers and installers. We only work with one artificial lawn company in any locality. This means we are committed to helping all our clients to dominate their local market. With ArtificialGrassSEO you will receive lots of support and resources to help your Astroturf website rank higher on Google and other major search engines. We can also send you leads via our RARW program. Please ask about this program!

Local SEO Experts for Artificial Grass Businesses

Having a local SEO campaign for your Astroturf business with good Links is ultimately vital and it is something most marketing agencies often overlook. Link Building or backlinks are the most important channel in the search engine optimisation and ArtificialGrassSEO have link building expertise. Your website’s credibility and NAP citations are extremely important and so we work out butts off to make you succeed.

Local SEO mostly rely on links from other locally based websites as opposed to the general SEO which relies on links from other relevant websites to yours. Though links from other high authority websites can help, your artificial grass website would rank higher by receiving links from websites which are local to you from a similar industry. This can include local news websites, local directories, artificial grass blog s and other information sites. There are some information on Search Engine Land to show how you can rank your local turf business.


LOCAL SEO – WHY ArtificialGrassSEO?

Let us assume that you drove a new BMW and it needed to be fixed to increase its performance, would you take it to any local garage that fixes any car or to a local BMW specialist? I guess you would and rightly so be logical to take it to the specialist garage especially if you realised that they were offering the same service charge as the general local garage.

You also find out the mechanic working on your car owned a fleet of highly maintained high performance BMW cars (super-cars) and can demonstrate to you by letting you test drive them. In fact he is willing to rent them to you as and when you need it on a monthly basis only because you are now a customer of his. They also have a network of specialist BMW garages where you can send your car and can link up with if required for free. Would you feel confident enough to send your pride and joy to them? I am sure you would.

Similarly ArtificialGrassSEO.co.uk are specialists in online marketing for local artificial grass suppliers, wholesalers, manufacturers and installers and we have the skills, experience, resources and link building capability to help your website to rank higher on search engines like Google.


Local SEO for Artificial Grass Companies


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