Artificial Grass SEO UK is a niche-focused digital marketing agency for synthetic turf and plants industry. Our clients include artificial living walls and moss wall businesses as well.

Our aim is educate our clients so that they are well informed about their online presence, develop and offer our expertise to help them dominate their industry.  The Artificial Grass SEO team is made up of Google certified account managers and a very experienced and successful artificial grass entrepreneur. So our digital marketing agency is managed by people who have been in the artificial turf industry and currently running a great amount of websites that are promoting the same product and services.

The Advantages Of Using Artificial Grass SEO

With the backing of a strong digital marketing agency still involved in the fake lawn industry you have the advantages that a general SEO company can not offer. As well as knowing how to get your website to rank high in the search engines, we can develop a new responsive WordPress website for your business and optimise it to a very high standard.

You have a massive advantage over your competitors because working with us;

  1. we can send you FREE qualified leads from our websites.
  2. advice and coach you because we have the experience in artificial grass supplier and installation,
  3. we have proven record of our own business’ success,
  4. we have artificial grass blog sites that your website can benefit from,
  5. your website will be included in our own artificial lawn online directory,
  6. you will receive relevant backlinks from our many artificial grass websites and
  7. we will only work with one artificial grass company in your locality!

What About Conflict Of Interests With Other Artificial Grass Companies?

I own an artificial grass brand myself and am overwhelmed and overloaded with the enquiries we receive every day. Some local and some 200 or so miles away and we can not physically nor logically cover every where so if at all, any struggling artificial turf installer that comes on board will rather benefit greatly.

As regards to working with only one turf company per locality, according to 2011 Census there are 7727 cities and towns in the United Kingdom so if we should focus and target 15 local towns or cities per artificial grass company, we could potentially be working with 515 faux lawn businesses without no conflict of interest. This will excludes London by the way.

After we have taken you on board as a client, you will benefit from quality artificial grass leads which will help improve sales and conversions for your business. These leads are not guaranteed but they do come regularly (depending on season), then it is up to you to convert these leads into paying customers and dominate the local artificial grass competition. You will be ablArtificial Grass Online Marketing SEO e to achieve this by having access to our strategies and online tools.


The Icing On The Cake

As part of our online marketing strategy we will perform a Local NAP and Citation for your business for more local exposure. This is sometimes called Local SEO and takes some time to do but will be of great benefit in the long run.

ORM or Online Reputation Management is a service we can offer for your business. In the next page you can learn  more about local seo and how it can help your local artificial grass company.

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