Artificial Grass Cost

Artificial Grass Cost in the United Kingdom, Europe and most other continents are sold by the square meter and in the UK it can range from £2.99 to £16.00 plus VAT for trade customers and approximately £5.99 to £36.99 for retailing to the general public. The are many different variations which include density, pile height, purpose of use, yarns, stitch, weight per sqm and more. Artificial Grass Cost

The pile height is the most asked for as that can be aesthetically pleasing or non pleasing to the eye so a decent pile if 30mm to 50mm is a good barometer for choosing your next grass. The 40mm artificial grass pile is the most popular, it has the most realistic look. It can make your garden look just right without giving anything away so to speak. An average cost of a 40mm pile is approximately £25 per sqm and a good quality supplier will accompany it with a minimum of 8 years manufacturers warranty. This warranty usually covers defects, fade from Ultra Violet rays and rot or mould however each brand may differ.

Dog Friendly Artificial Lawns

It is known that dogs love artificial lawns and what more to keep a pet owner happy than to see their canine friend play happily in the garden without entering the doors with muddy paws. That is one of the great things about synthetic turf but do all man-made grass suit dogs?  In my opinion you should avoid latex backing artificial turf and go for polyurethane backed artificial lawn as the latex turn to absorb the the dog urine, the uric acid eats up the latex hence allow wee smells to linger around longer.

Please be aware that Polyurethane backed artificial grass cost more expensive than latex as the manufacturing process is slightly different. You can also buy odour reducing infills for artificial turf online if you choose to install yourself or ask your supply and installer about these special infills.

Free Samples

Most suppliers will offer to send out free samples to you and this would either be their whole range or a choice you have requested. It is always advisable to get 3 or so sample packs form other competitors to compare and make your decision from there. This can sometimes become overwhelming and confusing so if you are easily confused then it would be best to stick to one or two.

Artificial Grass Cost In The UK

Most companies will prefer to supply and install as this is more appealing to them. It is also better for the consumer because should anything go wrong either with the product or installation then you will only have one company to deal with. The installer will not guarantee the grass and should the grass have any problems with defects then you will have to pay an installer to return and remove it or replace it. The problem with this is that the grass supply could or most likely blame the installer for the fault so to be on the safe side I would recommend using one company for everything.

In some case where you purchase the grass from a reputable supplier only firm like a wholesaler, superstore or DIY store then they would usually have a good relationship with a local artificial grass fitter whom they can recommend. This is not always the case so it is worth doing your own homework on the installer before you use their service.

Installation of artificial grass cost around £36 per sqm and this is based on a straight forward turfed garden levelled to a decent degree. Other factor such as timber sleepers, levelling slopes and removing tree stubs can increase installation costs.

What You will Need for DIY Installations

Materials: You will need the grass, weed membrane, galvanised nails (to secure the faux turf to it) and screws, timber (for the perimeter), timber pegs (for pegging and securing the perimeter to it), silicon sand infills (optional), MOT type 1, sharp and a power brush (to brush the grass up).

Tools: Shovels, hammer, rake, spirit level, wheelbarrow, spreader, compactor (aka wacker plate), pick axe (optional), turf cutting machine, chisel, Stanley knife and a hard broom/brush.

Other: Skip hire for the disposal of waste/sod. (A permit should be acquired from your local council if it going to be left on public road but may not be necessary if on private land. It is best to seek advice prior to doing so).

Even though ArtificialGrassSEO specialise in marketing for reputable synthetic turf companies we have also been in the artificial turf supply and installation industry for a while now and have worked for many high profile customers including celebrities and top household name brands so our standard of service is second to none.  We can therefore point you in touch with a reputable local artificial lawn installer near you.

You can click this link to use our artificial grass cost calculator to helps you with your project.

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